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Geisha/Gesha Time!

Starting this Sunday (9.23.12) we will be affording our customers a unique opportunity to experience the pinnacle of specialty coffee without any price markup on our end. 

Our current guest roaster, Ceremony, has two beautiful offerings from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama. These coffees represent the apex of what we believe specialty coffee can be. Loads of people in the coffee world have been able to experience coffees like these time and time again, but unfortunately the high price-tag they carry makes it difficult for the average consumer to justify purchasing. 

It's not that this cost is unwarranted (any product of equal quality in other food realms would carry the same), but there isn't necessarily the same understanding and appreciation of coffee to allow people to rationalize the purchase. We think that this is a shame and perhaps it's partially our (specialty coffee shops) fault for not sharing the experience with customers on a wide-enough scale for people to even be aware of what true quality can be. 

Therefore, we are going to sell these coffees for the same price as the other coffees on our menu to allow everyone the opportunity to taste them. We're sharing the cost, meaning we won't profit from this monetarily but we believe that there is still a huge benefit from making these available. 

They will be on our Chemex (made-to-order) menu for as long as we have them in stock, and if all goes well we'll order them again so those who miss out can have a chance to purchase a cup. We are also stocking order forms from Ceremony so you can buy your own bag from them if you're so inclined. Just ask the barista for one and we'll send it in with our next order so you can pick it up at the shop. 

We hope you're as excited for this as we are; tell your friends and share a Chemex if the 5 bucks seems too steep. We really want you to taste these. 
See you this weekend,

Mike Jones
Coffee Director
Third Rail Coffee

New Exhibit - "Good Times" - Opening

Join us this Wednesday night, July 25th at 8pm as we celebrate the opening of a new photography exhibit and the start of an exciting partnership with VII Photo Agency! Over the next year, award winning photographer and VII member Ashley Gilbertson will curate a series of shows to be hosted at Third Rail Coffee. The first of the series is "Good Times" and includes seven prints curated from the VII Archive.

These celebratory photos were taken by members of VII, a photo agency based in New York and Paris. VII was founded in 2001 by photographers who focused primarily on conflict. In the ten years since, the agency catalogue has evolved to contain the full spectrum of humanity: even the good times. For more information about VII photographers and photos, please visit,

NERBC 2012

Amazing weekend for Third Rail Coffee and one of our baristas. Jordan Barber competed in the Northeast Regional Barista Competition AND the Brewers' Cup and the results were astounding! 

Jordan took 2nd place in the Barista Competion and WON the Brewers' Cup!!!

Our man Jordan Barber taking the "Gold" at this year's NE Brewers' Cup!

Barista Competion

 Here's Jordan preparing the winning brew!

#OWS_NYC Exhibit Opening

Award winning photo-journalist Ashley Gilbertson returns with a contemporary exhibit of photographs from the ongoing "Occupy Wall Street" protest in NYC's Financial 

Join us this Thursday night, November 17th, for an opening celebration from 8:30 - 10pm

Third Rail Coffee
New York, NY 10012

If you can't make it out to see the show in person, you can check out the work at the VII site. You'll miss seeing the 99%'ers framed in Gilded 1%-er style frames though ; )

See also, Ashley Gilbertson's profile at the VII Photo Agency

Benefit for Japan!

When our neighbors (and regulars) from The Dove Parlour over on Thompson Street asked if we'd help raise funds for the continuing relief efforts going on in Japan we were all in. We hope you'll join us for this worthy cause. And if that doesn't do it for you, how about 3 hours worth of Figenza Vodka, hors d'oeuvres from Cuba (the restaurant on the same block, not the country), a raffle ticket for prizes (a couple of these are Gift Certificates from a pretty good coffee shop in the area) and a gift bag (ahem, more free coffee in there)!

Sunday July 31, 2011
6 - 9 pm
228 Thompson Street (Bleecker/W3rd)
New York, NY 10012

Tickets are $40 in advance
(available at The Dove Parlour or by emailing
$50 at the door

See you there!

Fresh, hot GRINDERS for sale!

We're talking sweet bean-crushing machines here.
First and foremost, the amazing NEW model from Baratza - the Virtuoso Preciso (but let's just call it the Preciso ok?)
Shown here with the included(!) portafiler holder.
It's "pricey" at $325 but it totally justifies the "you get what you pay for" saying in our opinion. Actually, we would argue you get quite a bit more than you pay for. Why is it so great?
    •    EVEN grinding of the coffee - the importance of this really cannot be overstated.
    •    RANGE - Here's where the value really comes into play. The Preciso is capable of grinding for ANY brew method, from Espresso all the way to Press Pots. For real.  FYI, a lot of consumer grade grinders say they can do this but almost none can.
    •    SPEED - it's the fastest "home" grinder we've ever seen. Very good when your significant other is still asleep as your grinding will be done before they realize it ; )

See the very detailed review of the Preciso from here

Weighing in at a more wallet friendly $145, the MaestroPlus is also an excellent choice for your home brewing needs. Forget about espresso with this guy though, it's not designed for that. IF however, all you need is a good, reliable grinder to make drip, any kind of Pour Over method (Chemex or Beehouse dripper etc) or Press Pot, then the MaestroPlus could be the right grinder for you.
MaestroPlus - currently on backorder : (
At the moment, they are on backorder with the manufacturer and the latest eta is a "couple of weeks".  Shoot us an email if you would like to be notified when this grinder becomes available.

NERBC 2011

We're bursting with love, respect, pride and total admiration for our Mr. Mike Jones who just competed in his very first Barista competition aaaand......

Mike serves up his signature beverage.

We'd like to especially congratulate Park Brannen (3rd) and Phillip Search (1st) and our good friends Sam Penix, Wiggles Peters and Brandon Duff who rounded out the top 6!

The truth is, we're in awe of EVERYONE that competed and extremely thankful for all those people who work so incredibly hard to make it happen (looking at you Marcus Boni).

It was an amazing privilege to have the 2011 Northeast Regional Barista Competition right here in NYC this past weekend and the entire experience was simply incredible.

240 Sullivan Street   |  159 Second Avenue