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Geisha/Gesha Time!

Starting this Sunday (9.23.12) we will be affording our customers a unique opportunity to experience the pinnacle of specialty coffee without any price markup on our end. 

Our current guest roaster, Ceremony, has two beautiful offerings from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in Panama. These coffees represent the apex of what we believe specialty coffee can be. Loads of people in the coffee world have been able to experience coffees like these time and time again, but unfortunately the high price-tag they carry makes it difficult for the average consumer to justify purchasing. 

It's not that this cost is unwarranted (any product of equal quality in other food realms would carry the same), but there isn't necessarily the same understanding and appreciation of coffee to allow people to rationalize the purchase. We think that this is a shame and perhaps it's partially our (specialty coffee shops) fault for not sharing the experience with customers on a wide-enough scale for people to even be aware of what true quality can be. 

Therefore, we are going to sell these coffees for the same price as the other coffees on our menu to allow everyone the opportunity to taste them. We're sharing the cost, meaning we won't profit from this monetarily but we believe that there is still a huge benefit from making these available. 

They will be on our Chemex (made-to-order) menu for as long as we have them in stock, and if all goes well we'll order them again so those who miss out can have a chance to purchase a cup. We are also stocking order forms from Ceremony so you can buy your own bag from them if you're so inclined. Just ask the barista for one and we'll send it in with our next order so you can pick it up at the shop. 

We hope you're as excited for this as we are; tell your friends and share a Chemex if the 5 bucks seems too steep. We really want you to taste these. 
See you this weekend,

Mike Jones
Coffee Director
Third Rail Coffee

240 Sullivan Street   |  159 Second Avenue