Third Rail Coffee

240 Sullivan Street | 159 Second Avenue

NERBC 2011

We're bursting with love, respect, pride and total admiration for our Mr. Mike Jones who just competed in his very first Barista competition aaaand......

Mike serves up his signature beverage.

We'd like to especially congratulate Park Brannen (3rd) and Phillip Search (1st) and our good friends Sam Penix, Wiggles Peters and Brandon Duff who rounded out the top 6!

The truth is, we're in awe of EVERYONE that competed and extremely thankful for all those people who work so incredibly hard to make it happen (looking at you Marcus Boni).

It was an amazing privilege to have the 2011 Northeast Regional Barista Competition right here in NYC this past weekend and the entire experience was simply incredible.

240 Sullivan Street   |  159 Second Avenue