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Fresh, hot GRINDERS for sale!

We're talking sweet bean-crushing machines here.
First and foremost, the amazing NEW model from Baratza - the Virtuoso Preciso (but let's just call it the Preciso ok?)
Shown here with the included(!) portafiler holder.
It's "pricey" at $325 but it totally justifies the "you get what you pay for" saying in our opinion. Actually, we would argue you get quite a bit more than you pay for. Why is it so great?
    •    EVEN grinding of the coffee - the importance of this really cannot be overstated.
    •    RANGE - Here's where the value really comes into play. The Preciso is capable of grinding for ANY brew method, from Espresso all the way to Press Pots. For real.  FYI, a lot of consumer grade grinders say they can do this but almost none can.
    •    SPEED - it's the fastest "home" grinder we've ever seen. Very good when your significant other is still asleep as your grinding will be done before they realize it ; )

See the very detailed review of the Preciso from here

Weighing in at a more wallet friendly $145, the MaestroPlus is also an excellent choice for your home brewing needs. Forget about espresso with this guy though, it's not designed for that. IF however, all you need is a good, reliable grinder to make drip, any kind of Pour Over method (Chemex or Beehouse dripper etc) or Press Pot, then the MaestroPlus could be the right grinder for you.
MaestroPlus - currently on backorder : (
At the moment, they are on backorder with the manufacturer and the latest eta is a "couple of weeks".  Shoot us an email if you would like to be notified when this grinder becomes available.

240 Sullivan Street   |  159 Second Avenue