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From London to DC to NYC!

We're excited to kick off our guest coffee program with a seasonal espresso blend (Summer Espresso) from London's Square Mile Coffee Roasters. From now (noonish - 9/1/09) until we burn through the one kilo we've got.

"...Currently the blend is composed of 2 different lots of coffee from 2 different origins. It is a very sweet and clean espresso blend with notes of caramel, toasted nuts, treacle with a soft, buttery texture and a berry juice finish. Excellent in milk with notes of caramel, chocolate and a little fruit.

Similar to Spring this is a very simple blend, in terms of components and ratios. Both farms have Cup of Excellence pedigree – Las Nubes winning the Guatemalan competition in 2001 and La Carol placing 6th in Colombia in 2005.

The wonderful natural acidity in these coffees keeps the shot fresh and juicy (perfect for summer) but their strong natural sweetness keeps the shot in balance and it could, in fact, be our sweetest espresso yet when you really nail the shot."

Many many thanks to our great friend Nick Cho down in DC for sharing and special thanks to Katie Duris for hand delivering it to us!
And of course to Square Mile Coffee : )

240 Sullivan Street   |  159 Second Avenue