Third Rail Coffee

240 Sullivan Street | 159 Second Avenue

New Coffees IN!

We’re pretty excited to rotate in some new coffees at Third Rail this week. First and foremost is my all-time favorite coffee, Flecha Roja from Costa Rica. This coffee is truly sensational in my book. Super sweet and juicy, like pure cherry juice at some points, snappy acidity, and did I mention it’s SWEET – dear God this coffee is sweet.
Sidebar: We passed on Intelli’s first release of this coffee as it disappointed us on the cupping table. I actually could not believe it was the same coffee I remembered so fondly from years past. It turned out it was the first shipment and I’m thinking this coffee just needed a little more time in ‘reposo’ to fully develop into the superstar it is. Cool learning experience!
Our second rotation in is ‘Los Inmortales’ from El Salvador. This was almost everyone’s favorite on the cupping table. A savory aroma gave way to some chocolate with hints of tobacco. The body was super silky and we got lots of white grape juice and some honeydew melon in here as well. This super clean and delicious coffee held up throughout the entire cup, it cooled the best of anything we cupped that day. In fact there was another coffee everyone had as the best UNTIL it cooled where it got unpleasantly woody and salty.

That’s it for now, the Tanzanian stays on not only to represent it’s part of the world but because it rocks. We’re kicking around the idea of holding a semi-public ‘tasting’ to pick the next coffee to come in, stay tuned for details and/or let us know what you think.

240 Sullivan Street   |  159 Second Avenue